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Client Testimonials

"I have just met Prity in the past month. She exceeded my expectations. Since I'm 1/2 way around the world, I thought my patent filing in India would be complex and mysterious. Prity distilled all of the necessary information for me to understand the Indian patent process clearly. She answered all of my questions in a very timely manner, same or next day actually and was very pleasant and accommodating. I will be using her firm for all of my patent and general attorney needs in India from now on."

- Mark Khan, Industrial Designer

“We needed a quick but detailed patent invalidity analysis in a short time frame, and Rahul Dev, Advocate, provided quick turn around and excellent claim charts and identified prior art patents.”

- Kermit Lopez, Patent Attorney, ORTIZ & LOPEZ, PLLC

After working on a project with Mr. Rahul I have an impression that he is a competent consultant in due diligence for IP position of potential partners & competitors. His research for my project proved helpful for me in go/no go decision for the partnership. I wish great laurals for him in his career.

- Farooq Mustafa Chaudhry, Senior Project Manager (Biotech) at Macter International Ltd

“Both Prity and Rahul supported us throughout the patent filing process for our flagship product, and gave proactive ideas on making the application efficient. We plan to have them as our attorneys for areas outside patents as well due to their diligent and personable approach. I highly recommend them.”

-Vinayak Arora, Strategy Consultant at Strategy Consultant

Prity Khastgir is very dedicated, trustworthy, and great at writing patent descriptions. Prity’s patent writing style is clear and concise.

-David Michaels, eBusiness entrepreneur and Brand Consultant


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Mobile App Protection

Mobile Application Patent Protection 
The mobile technology explosion has revolutionized the way we share information with our colleagues and friends in recent years only. By means of the social media services, social networking, social gaming and applications, the mobile industry is fully-grown for innovation. However, it is also an industry highly prone to intellectual property (IP) infringement.

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Social Media Law

E-commerce, internet lawyer, e-commerce lawyer, copyright

Being an experienced Social Media law firm, we provide legal advice, counseling and litigation services to our clients regarding:

  • Protecting Brands and Trademarks in Social Media
  • Brand and Trademark Monitoring in Social Media
  • Social Selling and Fans Use of Trademarks

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E-commerce| Internet Lawyer - Internet Attorney|  Online auction, Computer lawyer, cyber crime, cyber fraud, Internet Crime

Being an experienced law firm in the domain of E-Commerce and Internet Laws, our firm Tech Corp Legal LLP provide our clients with Internet-related contracts associated with legal advice, counseling and litigation services. The services have a wide variety ranging from contract drafting and negotiation to resolving Internet contract disputes. 

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Cyber Law Consultancy

Cyber Laws|  Fraud Prevention, Phishing, Internet Law, lawyers, Crime advocates

 Our cyber law services include an extensive range of services that support clients with their online activities. Our firm provides clients with solutions to their cyber-legal issues and e-legal problems so that they are able to persist competitively in today's electronic age. Our cyber law consultancy services include all aspects of online and e-legal issues from the development of web-sites to the conclusion of online transactions and the management of electronic information

Cyber Corp Legal

Welcome to our legal and business research division where we provide legal, technical and financial services in various technology sectors. To know more, please click on a technology sector below.

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Seed Funding | Seed Financing | Start-up Companies & Venture Capital in India

Lawyer Law Firm India Seed Funding Options For Entrepreneurs

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The name “Seed Funding” itself defines its meaning; it is a combination of two words explaining investments at a very early stage in a start-up venture.

It is a funding in which an investor investing in the start-up company can buy a part of business as security. This funding supports the business venture till it makes profit or reaches a level for further investments.

Seed funding is basically used for introductory process, for example, development of a product or market research related to the concerned product or service. The investors investing in such ventures are commonly family members or friends of the founders of the business. However, any interested party can be an investor in a start-up venture.

Seed funding may involve investors from

  • Angel funding,
  • Venture capital funding, or;
  • Accredited funding.

Patent Procedure and Registration in India

Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, General Information for filing Patent application in India

We assist inventors and Fortune 100 companies with preparing provisional patent applications and complete patent specifications to be filed before the Indian Patent Office. Our Patent Attorneys also assist in filing of Indian patent applications and PCT patent and international patent applications before WIPO. Our team of techno-legal patent attorneys and patent agents prosecute patent applications in all technology domains before the Indian Patent Office.

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